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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are sheet metal parts made in China, or USA?

A. Goodmark Industries has been producing its sheet metal products overseas for 20 plus years with great success. Most sheet metal products are produced in Taiwan or China. The sheet metal products that have been tested that are produced locally did not test as high as our overseas companies. The reason is because they are not able to manufacture them in a high enough volume to afford the development of a die to stamp the product. Since they cannot mass produce from a die the products are mostly hand formed, so they have to use a much thinner metal and the body lines are not as crisp as a die stamped piece from China and Taiwan. If the parts could be produced here in the USA, the price to you, the consumer, would double from the listed price.

Q. The sheet metal panels I received have dents and do not appear to be smooth, like I expected:

A. All sheet metal parts will need prep work done before the install to ensure a quality fit and finish. Some imperfections are normal, and will be filled in with the initial filling, priming and sanding. You can read our complete Goodmark Sheet Metal Disclaimer here for details.

Q. The sheet metal panels I ordered do not fit correctly:

A. The age of a vehicle, how long a vehicle has been left sitting, stress to the frame, poor body work, and other situations can cause new sheet metal panels to not fit as they should when the vehicle was new. Tolerances on classic autos were not nearly as tight as they are today. For complete information on Goodmark’s sheet metal parts, please read the complete Goodmark Sheet Metal Disclaimer here for details.

Q. How will my order ship?

A. Most orders will ship through UPS. Larger parts, such as body panels, hoods, trunk lids, fenders, quarter panels, door shells, etc., will be shipped via an LTL freight company. You can review our entire Shipping Policy here for complete details.

Q. How can I return my items?

A. We recommend “test fitting” your items to your vehicle as soon as you receive them. We will accept returns up to 14 days from the date of purchase, but will NOT accept returns of any kind after 115 days from the date of purchase. Please read our Returns Policy here for complete details.